Day-in-Clinics in Europe


As a modern, effective and economic way of treatment part-time clinics grew up in psychiatry. Beginning in Russia and UK Day-Clinics have spread all over Europe. So, the German Day-Clinic-Society – representing over 700 Day-Clinics – is projecting a European platform of communication and exchange of information about facilities, therapies, quality parameters etc. We would like to ask you kindly to give us information about the day-clinic-situation in your country and name someone dealing with Day-Clinics in your country.

For establishing a European Day-Clinic platform could you please answer the following questions:

Fragebogen EDCP2

Questionaire Day-in-Clinics in Europe
Are there psychiatric day hospitals running in your country?*
Is there a special organisation in your country dealing with and representing day clinic matters?*
Please choose one of the following answers concerning the total number of day hospitals in your country
How many treatment places, on average, does a day hospital offer in your country?
Which type of day hospitals prevails in your country?
Where are day hospitals located in your country?
Is psychiatric day hospital treatment a growing or decreasing model in your country?
Which is the most important function of day hospitals in your country?
What are the main diagnoses of day hospital patients in your country?